How to Take the Bite Out of Cold Weather Skin Damage.  
What can you do to stave off the damaging effects of harsh weather as we head into spring?  A few simple tips and tricks can help . . . .
Here are some sure-fire ways from The Spa at Flying Horse to keep your skin and nails looking fresh, healthy, and youthful—year round! 

Get a pedicure
It’ll help your skin and nails bear up winter’s worst weather. Yes, it may sound extravagant—especially when your feet feel less exposed to the elements than they do in summer—but cold temps and low humidity are a recipe for cracking skin and brittle nails. A professional pedicure can keep foot problems from getting a toehold.

Use a pumice stone at home
Or if you don’t have a pumice stone handy, a pedicure file. Pick a day a week to slip into the tub and love-up your feet. They’ll thank you for it! Soak a while first, then gently work any sore, chapped, or flaking areas until they look and feel better. Once a week is all you need—so go ahead and rock it. But be gentle...and don’t overdo.

Try moisturizing cream in your socks
Seriously. Spread a fragrance-free cream (no parabens,* please) over your feet (avoid rubbing it all the way in), then don a pair of socks and enjoy what happens next. This simple treatment works particularly well overnight. But if you can’t bear the thought of sleeping in footwear, here’s an alternative. Cream up, slip on the socks, cover your feet with a heating pad, and settle in with a nice romantic movie. Cream, plus time, heals a multitude of skin-sins. 

Add a paraffin treatment to your pedicure
Some people think of a paraffin treatment as a luxury. But while it may feel like one, paraffin is actually an affordable (not to mention potent) way of replacing your skin’s essential oils. The heat from the wax opens your pores, the oils penetrate, and your feet feel like new. So go ahead. Wax to the max.

Use cuticle creams and oils liberally 
Changes in the weather wreak havoc on your nails. Moisture makes your nail plates expand. Dryness makes them contract. And the frequent back and forth, brought on by fluctuations in our Colorado temperatures, can have a damaging effect on both your polish and your nails. To avoid cracking, chipping, and other problems, revitalize with creams and oils throughout the day. Creams are preferable because they’re slower to penetrate the skin. But if oil is all you have, use it! If you can’t manage creaming-up or applying oils during the day, save the therapy until evening, and let a good night’s sleep help with the magic. Sweet creams make for sweet dreams.