Calee Johnson works at The Athletic Club front desk and has been with us for 8 months. Calee was born in Colorado and lived here her entire life. She loves the weather, scenery and people. She enjoys watching shows on Netflix, play video games (typical teenager things) and creating art. Calee mostly works in black & white pencil drawings but recently has been attempting to hone her skills in painting. She loves going up to the mountains when she can for hiking, ATV riding and relaxing. She currently is a freshman at UCCS studying Biology hoping to join the medical field someday. Calee has a large family of 7 (plus two cats who are very much family) and is excited to be the Maid of Honor in her sister’s wedding this June. We are beyond lucky to have such Calee on our Flying Horse team, make sure you say hello she is sure to brighten your day!