The following questions and answers are designed to provide a brief understanding of Flying Horse North Golf Course Membership opportunities. As these questions and answers are only summary in nature, you should contact The Club at Flying Horse for specifics about Golf Memberships and Flying Horse Realty for details about real estate opportunities.

Q: When will construction of the Flying Horse Golf Course begin?
A: Development and construction of the Flying Horse North Golf Course is currently underway.

Q: How do I learn more about Flying Horse North Golf Membership opportunities? 
A: Flying Horse North Golf Memberships will be managed by The Club at Flying Horse.  You may contact, Jennifer Weis, Membership Director at The Club at Flying Horse, at 719-494-1222.

Q: Where is the Golf Membership office located? 
A: The Club at Flying Horse is located at 1880 Weiskopf Point, Colorado Springs CO  80921. We recommend scheduling an appointment with the Membership Office in advance of your visit.

Q: When will the Flying Horse North Golf Course open?
A: We anticipate that the golf course will be open for play in 2020. Exact dates are to be determined.

Q:  Will there be a clubhouse?
A:  Construction of the Clubhouse is expected to commence no later than when the Club has 600 active Golf Members.

Q: What if I am already a Member of The Club at Flying Horse, will I have access to both golf courses?
A:  Existing Club Members (Founders, Full Golf, Corporate and Young Professional)  have the opportunity to upgrade to a Signature Golf Membership to include play at both golf courses.  Transitional Members may upgrade to a Full Golf category to then qualify for a Signature Golf Membership.

Q:  Is a membership for only Flying Horse North available?
A:  There will not be a Flying Horse North only Membership.  A single course golf membership for the existing Flying Horse golf course will continue to be offered. The Signature Membership will be a dual course membership that includes Flying Horse and Flying Horse North.

Q:  Will Flying Horse North be open to the public?
A:  Flying Horse North will be open for public play and events until we reach 600 +/- total Golf Members.

Q:  What will the fees be for the public to play Flying Horse North?
A:  Fees have not been established, but it is expected to be comparable to high-end fee course rates.

Q:  Do the lots in Flying Horse North include a Membership?
A:  Yes, a Signature Membership is included with each lot purchased in Flying Horse North.

Q:  What happens when an existing Member buys a lot in Flying Horse North?
A:  The membership held by an existing Member who purchases a lot in Flying Horse North will be upgraded to a Signature Membership, if the Member so chooses